Friday, December 24, 2010

Want to rent a kayak?

I want to rent a kayak
And paddle up to Nyack
And ask them at the Seaport
To cook me up a flapjack.

But I think they're much too ritzy!

More on Nyack here.
More on Nyack Seaport here.


Youth_in_Asia said...


That water looks so inviting. Great shot. I love kayaking and miss being able to do it. Happy Holidays!

Thanks for the comments about Raven, by the way. She's a great pet.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't paddle a kayak in the ocean... to expansive - waaayyy to much water... & too scary! I'm scared of sharks & ocean critters! heheheee

ya'll be careful, now, ya hear!

Small City Scenes said...

I never tried a kayak (a palindrome) but I did have fun in a canoe once--well several times. MB

cieldequimper said...

Yes I'd love to!

Chattahoochee Valley Daily said...

Nice little poem.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to... and a spot right there in front of the beach as well!