Thursday, May 27, 2010

Boat trailers

They come from far and wide on the weekends, towing their boats. The island is inundated with boat trailers.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let's go flying!

We've shown a shot similar to this previously. It appears that you can go flying about over Cedar Key every weekend. And the price ain't bad, either.

Photo by Lois Anne.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Chris Burerki

Chris Burerki is a writer. He's written two books. But he's so much more. He's a character, a traveler, a gentleman, and he's funny! He also loves dogs.

We were walking along Dock Street in Cedar Key and there he was, sitting on a rickety old chair facing a rickety old table on which was placed his "new" laptop computer which had just died to the Internet. Underneath the table was Lucy, a blond Lab (sort of).

Chris was selling his two books. $15 for one or both for $20. I wasn't about to buy any books but we stopped to chat and pet Lucy. His first book, "Travels with Lucy," was sitting open to the Prologue on the table. I began reading. And laughing. Within minutes, I was hooked.

"Travels with Lucy" is about Chris and a mutt named Lucy who set out on a bicycle adventure from Florida to California or as stated on the cover, "3600 miles, 19 flat tires, 7 puppies, and 4 near-death experiences."

I haven't finished it yet, but I've enjoyed every minute thus far! The second book, "Travels with Lucy, Part II," looks just as funny and just as fascinating with some horrendously humorous stories set in places like, yes, Cedar Key!

Chris was upset and explained that all of a sudden the Internet disappeared on his laptop. So, I took a look. Most laptops have a little button to engage the wireless capability, and I figured he had inadvertently turned it off. But I couldn't find it. While fiddling with the computer, though, Lucy disappeared. Evidently, this was nothing new, as Chris took off checking the various shops and restaurants. Lucy liked to visit these places to see if she could get something to eat.

But no Lucy. Then, suddenly, there was she was, laying under the table with a rotten old fish she had found near the water!

So that's how it all started. Now I've got to finish the books. With pleasure!

(Oh, Chris wrote to tell me that someone else had stopped by and found his Internet button near the "On" button on his computer. So, he had the Internet again. I'm sure you realize that that is a really stupid place to put such a button! He even gave the guy a book! Sheesh! ;-))

If you think you'd like to read of the adventures of Chris and Lucy, send an email to Chris at this address:

He may sell you a book (or two). Assuming he still has access to the Internet, of course. Heh, heh!