Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cedar Key Bayou

It had been raining most of the morning. The clammers weren't working, according to the young man on the pier to the right. When it rains, the clams head to the bottom where they cannot be caught.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pelican, helican

I was walking by the water
Minding my own business
When this pelican
Came swimming by.
I said, "Hey pelican,
What do you think you're doing?"
That smart-alec pelican
Ignored me and
Kept right on swimming.
I'll fix you, I thought,
I'll make you cry!

"Hey pelican," I yelled,
"you're breakin' the law!
No swimming is allowed here -
It says so on the sign!
Keep it up the cops will come and
Take you straight to jail."
Would you believe he had the nerve
To look hard at me,
Raise up on the water,
Flap his wings
To drench me with
The salty sea?
I said to Mr. Smarty-pants,
"Well, now," I said, "I sure ain't
Gonna make your bail!"

That pelican swam off a ways
Ducked his head,
His butt came up
Those feathers waved at me.
I started running much too late
That white stuff hit full blast
From head down to my knee!
Now I'm screaming, and that old
Bird - I swear he starts to laugh!
I said "Pelican, pelican,
You are not a pelican,
You've got to be a helican!
But I'm going to pay you back!
So then and there
In one fell swoop
My Nikon focused tight
I took the shot and waved at him
"Hey pelican, I got your photograph!"

Which is what you see.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Black Dog Bar and Tables

The Black Dog is a relatively new business on the dock, operated by Connie Coleman and her husband. It is, as advertised, a wine, beer and cigar bistro. There's a nice bar inside as well as tables, and tables on both a front and rear deck. The second photo shows patrons keeping their spirits up on the rear deck which overlooks the water.

More info available here.