Saturday, July 18, 2009

Out, out and away

Please refer to photo of yacht posted yesterday, Friday July 17. These two folks appear to be the owners of the yacht and had come ashore, perhaps to have dinner and walk around the island. Here they are getting into their small boat to head back out to their boat.

They're on their way!

Almost there...but they didn't go directly to their yacht. The rode around a sailboat anchored nearby, looked it over, and then went to their yacht and hoisted their small dinghy.

As noted, the next morning they were gone.


brattcat said...

Love this story-telling, both in words and image.

Unknown said...

I would be on that boat right now! :-)

Frank said...

If I had a crew to maintain and pilot the yacht, then this would diffently be a lifestyle I could embrace. (Where though would I put our books? See, I knew there was reason we live on land. -hey, how bout carting them around in that little dinghy?)

Julie said...

Jacob: in response to your question on Sydney Eye.

Busking is playing music on a street corner with your hat at your feet to collect coins.

Or singing in front of a terrace of people eating/drinking in the open air and taking your hat around to them afterwards in the hope that they enjoyed your performance.

What do you call this in America?

Lowell said...

Hi Julie - I don't think we have a name for it. Someone playing music on a street corner.

Now, if someone's just standing with his/her hat out we call it panhandling or just plain begging...

Very interesting...I've never heard the term, busking, before.

See how much stuff we learn on CDP?

Rose said...

I must say that would be nice!!1

Antjas said...

How does one create such a lifestyle? I would like to have it.

As for busking, it is quite a common term here in the Boston area where you have to get a busker's license if you want to play in the subway. When I was in Canada a few weeks back, they had a huge Buskers' Festival and the streets were filled with musicians.