Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cedar Key Museum


cieldequimper said...

Are those French fleur de lys that I spot? Is it a local history and exhibits museum?

Nancy said...

The last two are my favorite

crocrodyl said...

I wonder what is the last, blue flag?:)

Lowell said...

Ok, you caught me. I don't know what that last flag is and I haven't been able to find out...this is the Cedar Key Historical Society Museum. Their website is:

I haven't been in this one, but it appears to be rather modest.

There's another Cedar Key State Museum which has many artifacts from the early days. The red cracker house I showed you the other day is on the property of this museum. Unfortunately, it may be shut down due to lack of funding from the state.

Lowell said...

Back to the questions on the flags. Here's more info, thanks to my Lois Anne: The first flag is the first National Confederate Flag, called the "Stars and Bars." Remember, Florida was/is part of the "deep South."

Yes, the blue flag is the French royal flag, the symbol of the authority of the king in the new lands. It was used from 1400 to 1590.

"In the early sixteenth century the French royal flag was blue with three gold fleurs-de-lis representing directly the shield in the royal French coat of arms."

Fleurs-de-lis translates to "Flower of the Lily."