Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Island Hotel & Restaurant

The Island Hotel on Cedar Key's main drag was built in 1859 as a general store. Today it is a Bed & Breakfast with 10 rooms. It has survived numerous hurricanes over the years, and is said to be visited by ghosts.

The Island Hotel & Restaurant is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Read a fascinating account of its construction and history here.


angela said...

It looks like a breezy day there. The building is so attractive I'd like to stay there but only if there are no ghosts!

Anonymous said...

When I saw that it had been built in 1859, the 1st thing that crossed my mind was ghosts!!! hehehe
Lovely shot you've taken here!

Lowell said...

Tricia, I believe there are several ghosts that haunt the place on occasion...if you click on the link, you can get the details. I wouldn't worry much, though. They're harmless!